property_info(type, name)

Returns a property info object for the property of the given type with the given name. A property info object has the following structure:

dbNameDatabase (Neo4j) name - can be used in Cypher etc.String
jsonNameJSON name (as it appears in JSON REST output)String
classNameClass name of the property typeString
declaringClassName of the declaring classString
defaultValueDefault value or nullString
contentTypeContent type or null (String only)String
formatFormat or nullString
readOnlyRead-only flagBoolean
systemSystem flagBoolean
indexedIndexed flagBoolean
indexedWhenEmptyIndexed-when-empty flagBoolean
uniqueUnique flagBoolean
notNullNot-null flagBoolean
dynamicDynamic flagBoolean
relatedTypeRelated type (for relationship properties)String
typeProperty type from definitionString
uiTypeExtended property type for Edit Mode (e.g. String, String[] etc.)String
isCollectionCollection or entity (optional)String
databaseConverterDatabase converter type (internal)String
inputConverterInput converter type (internal)String
relationshipTypeRelationship type (for relationship properties)String

This method can be used to create dynamic forms for a given type, based on a list of property keys or a view definition. See Dynamic Forms


${property_info('User', 'ownedNodes').uiType}

results in



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