Self Registration


This section configures Structr’s built-in opt-in registration for new users.

Note: The eMail attribute is mandatory and necessary to send out e-mails.

Use this to define custom properties to be set on the newly created user when included in the POST request. Works only together with HtmlServlet.user.autocreate = true.

Note: The eMail attribute will always be included, so removing it here has no effect.

It’s a bad idea to include security-relevant attributes here as they can be set from an unauthenticated, unauthorized source. If unsure or you don’t know what that means, set only eMail.

Registration.customUserAttributes = eMail

Set to true to allow users to login even before the opt-in confirmation was received, typically when the password was set on the registration POST request

Registration.allowLoginBeforeConfirmation = false

Use this class to create new user entities upon registration (supports dynamic types).

Registration.customUserClass = User


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