The Data area provides a data editing frontend for any data stored in Structr. For each built-in and custom type configured in Structr, a list of objects can be loaded.

This is sometimes also referred to as the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) interface of Structr, as it uses the REST API and doesn’t access data via the Websocket connector.

The CRUD is split in three main areas:

  • (1) The list of available types (this includes built-in and dynamic types)
    • The list can be filtered by entering a search expression in the search box or by clicking the wrench icon
  • (2) The list of recently accessed types. Every time a user loads a list view in the CRUD, the type will be inserted into this list of recent types
    • Specific entries can be removed from the list by clicking the ‘X’ icon which appears when hovering over the entry
  • (3) The list of objects of a certain type
    • This view can be customized by using the pager above the table
    • Objects of that type can be created by clicking the “Create” button at the bottom
    • The CSV functionality (Import/Export) can be accessed by the corresponding buttons at the bottom


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