The main areas you can contribute to the Structr project are:

  • Documentation
  • Examples / Demos
  • Code


Please open a ticket in our support system to submit change requests or questions related to documentation.

Examples / Demos

Please proceed to the Showcase Page on!


We accept code contributions to Structr in the form of GitHub Pull Requests. You can use the below checklist to make sure that we can easily merge your request.

Did you sign the CLA?The Contributor License Agreement (CLA) must be signed before we can accept contributions.
Did you combine all changes into a single commit?To be able to review a Pull Request, please combine all changes to a single commit.
Did you rebase against the latest master?The PR has to be based on the master branch.
Did all the tests succeed?All current tests, including tests for the functionality you added, have to pass.

If you can check all the boxes above, you’re ready to send the pull request!

Contribution Guidelines

For technical standards, please read this article: Contributing to Open Source on GitHub

The first and most important step for you to do is to agree to our Contributor License Agreement, otherwise we can not accept your contribution. This is neccessary for us to save your contributions from third-party claims and to get your permission to bundle it with Structr.

You can find the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) at

How to Agree

You can either send an e-mail to stating that you agree to the CLA at,
include the agreement in your pull request at GitHub, or state that you agree in a separate GitHub comment.Writing Documentation

If you write documentation, please follow these guidelines: A beginners guide to writing documentation

Clone the Structr repository and issue pull requests for the markdown documents.

The following users have contributed to Structr so far (ordered by number of their commits):

Axel Morgner
Christian Morgner
Kai Schwaiger
Alexander Thiele
Ilias Lazardis
Bastian Knerr
Joerg Bellmann
Christian Kramp
David Shepard
Holger Loh
Marcel Romagnuolo
Dennis Laske
Wayne Riesterer
Shawn Anderson
Gerd Aschemann
Eric Schleicher
Brian Bagdasarian

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