You can download Structr as a package for any Debian based Linux distribution (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc.) (.deb) from


  1. Download the latest .deb file (~ 280 MB).
  2. After download, install the Debian package with sudo dpkg -i structr-<version>.deb.
  3. Structr will be installed in /usr/lib/structr, log file is /var/log/structr.log.
  4. Start Structr with sudo service structr start.
  5. Go to http://localhost:8082/structr#pages.
  6. Login with the default credentials admin/admin.


  1. Get the latest .deb file.
  2. Stop the running instance with sudo service structr stop.
  3. Install the new .deb file with sudo dpkg -i structr-<version>.deb.
  4. Start the service using sudo service structr start.

Additional Information

To start a Structr instance with an empty database refer to How to start Structr with an empty database.


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