A Cypher Property returns the result of the Cypher query specified in the Format/Code field.

A Cypher Property


The value in the Format/Code field will be interpreted as a StructrScript, i.e. the field can contain Template Expressions.


Two parameters are available for use in the property:

  1. id: The UUID of the current object.
  2. type: The type of the current object.

These parameters can be accessed anywhere in the query by wrapping them in brackets. (e.g. {id} or {type})

JSON Output
	"query_time": "0.000897187",
	"result_count": 1,
	"result": {
		"totalHoursByPerson": {
			"person1": 34,
			"person2": 13,
			"person3": 42
   	"serialization_time": "0.000051543"

The output format of a Cypher property depends on the result of the query. It can be a simple value, an object, a list of objects, a path, etc..


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