File is the base type for all types that need to handle binary data / files etc. The binary data of a file is not stored in the database, but in an index tree folder structure on disk.

File extends AbstractNode and provides the following additional properties.

Name Type Description
contentType String The MIME type of this file
relativeFilePath String The relative path of the actual binary file on disk
size Integer The size of the file on disk
url String The URL
checksum Long The CRC32 checksum of the file’s contents
cacheForSeconds Integer A value that controls the simple caching behaviour for this file
version Integer The version, will be increased by one for each modification to the file or its metadata
isFile Boolean A read-only value that will always be true for all File types and their subtypes
base64Data2.0.2 String, input only A special property that can be used to Create a File from a Base64 string


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