File is the base type for all types that need to handle binary data / files etc. The binary data of a file is not stored in the database, but in an index tree folder structure on disk.

File extends AbstractNode and provides the following additional properties.

Name | Type | Description
– | – | –
contentType | String | The MIME type of this file
relativeFilePath | String | The relative path of the actual binary file on disk
size | Integer | The size of the file on disk
url | String | The URL
checksum | Long | The CRC32 checksum of the file’s contents
cacheForSeconds | Integer | A value that controls the simple caching behaviour for this file
version | Integer | The version, will be increased by one for each modification to the file or its metadata
isFile | Boolean | A read-only value that will always be true for all File types and their subtypes
base64Data2.0.2 | String, input only | A special property that can be used to Create a File from a Base64 string


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