A Dynamic Output Element is an element of a Structr Page that enables the interaction with database objects.

A dynamic output element usually displays the value of a single named Property of an object. To enable it for the Interactive Editing Mode, the element must be configured with the name, the type and the raw value of the database property. It can then be connected to an Edit Button, and Structr will replace the contents of the output element with an input field corresponding to the configured type when the edit action of the button is triggered.

Connecting Dynamic Output Elements to Action Buttons

The connection between a dynamic output element and an action button is established when the name of the output element is listed in the attributes field of the action button.


The following fields can be used to configure a dynamic output element for interaction.

Element ID unused
Attribute Key The name of the property
Data Type The type of the property value
Placeholder Text The placeholder text that the input field will display
REST Query for Value Options A list returned by this query will be used for dynamic value options
Attribute Key for Option Labels In case of a custom query for value options, this determines the attribute to be used for the option label
Raw Value The value of the input field when in editing mode
Hide Determines whether the element should be hidden in normal (display) or edit mode
Custom CSS One or more CSS classes that will be set on the dynamic input

Configuration Dialog of a Dynamic Output Element


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