DataFeed is the base type for data feed sources. It contains all necessary information about specific data feeds and their format.

DataFeed extends AbstractNode and provides the following additional properties.


Name Type Description
url String The URL of the feed
feedType String The type of the feed e.g. RSS2.0, Atom, …
description String A description of the feed source
updateInterval Long Specifies the time interval (ms) in which updates get pulled from the source
lastUpdated Date Date of last update
maxAge Long The maximum age (ms) for FeedItem
updateInterval Long Amount of time that is required to have passed before an update request is processed
maxItems Integer Number of FeedItem to retrieve
items FeedItem Collection of related feed items


Name Parameters Description
updateFeed None Issues an update, in which FeedItem will be pulled according to the given properties. Forces a cleanup of FeedItem depending on their maximum allowed age and count.
updateFeed Boolean Works in a similar way as the non-parametrized updateFeed Method, but allows to pass a Boolean to enable or disable the cleanup procedure.
updateIfDue None Performs an updateFeed operation including a cleanup, if the time since lastUpdated is greater than the set updateInterval.

For more details regarding actions refer to the Custom Action Button article.


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