Neo4j Database Recovery

In the rare case of having problems with a corrupt Neo4j database, try the following steps (GNU/Linux and OS X only):

  1. Download the Neo4j server in the version Structr is using.


  2. Unpack the downloaded file

    tar xvf neo4j-enterprise-2.2.8-unix.tar.gz

  3. Enter the directory just created

    cd neo4j-enterprise-2.2.8

  4. Configure Neo4j to access your database

    Copy the db/ directory of your Structr instance to data/graph.db or modify the parameter org.neo4j.server.database.location in conf/ to reflect the location of your Structr db/ directory.

  5. Start Neo4j

    bin/neo4j start

  6. Wach the log file

    Depending on whether you copied the database or edited the configuration, it’s either
    tail -100f data/graph.db/messages.log
    tail -100f <structr-main-directory>/db/messages.log

  7. Stop Neo4j

    bin/neo4j stop

If the database doesn’t start properly, try downloading an older version and repeat the procedure.