Node Filter


This module is an addition to the Node Expander Module. When used, the newly loaded nodes can be filtered by their types.

Dependencies for this module:

  • jquery
  • sigma.min.js
  • graph.browser.core.js
  • graph.browser.modulecontrol.js
  • graph.browser.module.nodefilter.js


type description
array Every nodetype specified in this array can and will not be added to the graph view. An exception are the node, that are added with the native methods `addNode(node)` of the Graph-Browser


var graphSettings = {
    graphContainer: 'graph-container',
    moduleSettings: {'nodeFilter': ['Image', 'User'] }

var graphBrowser = new GraphBrowser(graphSettings);

In this example no nodes with the type image or User can be added to the graph view.


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