With the Tooltip module it is possible to show a html window beside a clicked or hovered node . To enable the Graph-Browser to show the toolstips a new page in structr must be created that creates the desired look for the tooltip when it is called with the id of the activated node.

Dependencies for this module:

  • jquery
  • sigma.min.js
  • sigma.plugins.tooltips.min.js
  • graph.browser.core.js
  • graph.browser.modulecontrol.js
  • graph.browser.module.tooltips.js


fields type description
show string The event that triggers the showing of a tooltip
hide string The event that triggers the hiding of a tooltip
cssClass string This is a field for optional classes for the html tooltip window
position string This indicates the position to the activeted node
site string This is the name of the page that must be created for showing of tooltips. It will be called with the `id` of the activated node
onShow() function This function will be called, when a tooltip was created


var graphSettings = {
   graphContainer: 'graph-container',
   moduleSettings: {'tooltips': {'show': 'rightClickNode', 'hide': 'clickStage', 'cssClass': 'tooltip-container',
                'position': 'bottom', 'site': 'Graph-Browser- Tooltip', 'onShow': handleShowTooltip}}  

var graphBrowser = new GraphBrowser(graphSettings);


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