How can I fix org.neo4j.graphdb.NotFoundException: NODE[11658] has no property with propertyKey=“bbox”?

This error occurs when the spatial index configuration no longer matches the existing index in the database. The name of the bounding box property (formerly bbox) has been made configurable, and the new default (if omitted in the configuration) is bbox_abc. The system will create the above error message when it encounters a node that was created with an older version of the spatial index implementation.

The Fix

The problem can be fixed by providing the correct name for the bounding box property to the spatial index, which can be configured in the geomencoder_config property of the rtree root.

Modify the configuration by executing the following Cypher query:

MATCH (n)-[:RTREE_ROOT]->(m) SET n.geomencoder_config="longitude:latitude:bbox_abc"
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Last change 2017-05-04