The following table lists in which edition the builtin functions belongs. Every function contained in lower-level editions is also available in higher editions. (This list may change with the introduction of new modules and or releases)

Function Edition
abbr() Community
add() Community
all() Community
and() Community
any() Community
base64decode() Community
base64encode() Community
batch() Community
cache() Community
capitalize() Community
ceil() Community
clean() Community
coalesce() Community
complement() Community
concat() Community
contains() Community
copy_permissions() Community
create() Community
create_jar_file() Community
create_relationship() Community
cypher() Community
date_format() Community
delete() Community
div() Community
double_sum() Community
each() Community
empty() Community
ends_with() Community
equal() Community
escape_html() Community
escape_javascript() Community
escape_json() Community
extract() Community
filter() Community
find() Community
find_relationship() Community
first() Community
floor() Community
from_json() Community
get() Community
get_counter() Community
get_incoming_relationships() Community
get_or_create() Community
get_or_null() Community
get_outgoing_relationships() Community
get_relationships() Community
gt() Community
gte() Community
has_incoming_relationship() Community
has_outgoing_relationship() Community
has_relationship() Community
if() Community
import_gpx() Community
inc_counter() Community
include() Community
includeJs() Community
include_child() Community
incoming() Community
index_of() Community
int() Community
int_sum() Community
is() Community
is_collection() Community
is_entity() Community
jar_entry() Community
join() Community
keys() Community
last() Community
lat_lon_to_utm() Community
length() Community
log() Community
lower() Community
lt() Community
lte() Community
max() Community
md5() Community
merge() Community
merge_properties() Community
merge_unique() Community
min() Community
mod() Community
mult() Community
none() Community
not() Community
nth() Community
num() Community
number_format() Community
or() Community
outgoing() Community
parse_date() Community
parse_number() Community
print() Community
quot() Community
random() Community
render() Community
replace() Community
reset_counter() Community
retrieve() Community
rint() Community
round() Community
search() Community
set() Community
set_details_object() Community
set_locale() Community
size() Community
slice() Community
sort() Community
split() Community
split_regex() Community
starts_with() Community
store() Community
str_replace() Community
strip_html() Community
substring() Community
subt() Community
timer() Community
titleize() Community
to_date() Community
to_graph_object() Community
to_json() Community
trim() Community
unwind() Community
upper() Community
urlencode() Community
utm_to_lat_lon() Community
values() Community
add_to_group() Basic
ancestor_types() Basic
append() Basic
append_content() Basic
call() Basic
call_privileged() Basic
changelog() Basic
config() Basic
copy_file_contents() Basic
disable_notifications() Basic
enable_notifications() Basic
enum_info() Basic
error() Basic
evaluate_script() Basic
exec() Basic
exec_binary() Basic
find_privileged() Basic
from_csv() Basic
geocode() Basic
get_content() Basic
get_csv_headers() Basic
get_session_attribute() Basic
grant() Basic
inheriting_types() Basic
instantiate() Basic
is_allowed() Basic
is_in_group() Basic
is_locale() Basic
jdbc() Basic
localize() Basic
property_info() Basic
r() Basic
read() Basic
remove_from_group() Basic
remove_session_attribute() Basic
revoke() Basic
send_html_mail() Basic
send_plaintext_mail() Basic
serverlog() Basic
set_content() Basic
set_privileged() Basic
set_session_attribute() Basic
template() Basic
to_csv() Basic
type_info() Basic
unlock_readonly_properties_once() Basic
unlock_system_properties_once() Basic
write() Basic
xml() Basic
xpath() Basic
log_event() Business
translate() Business
DELETE() Enterprise
GET() Enterprise
HEAD() Enterprise
POST() Enterprise
PUT() Enterprise
add_header() Enterprise
barcode() Enterprise
from_xml() Enterprise
get_request_header() Enterprise
mail_add_attachment() Enterprise
mail_add_bcc() Enterprise
mail_add_cc() Enterprise
mail_add_header() Enterprise
mail_add_reply_to() Enterprise
mail_add_to() Enterprise
mail_begin() Enterprise
mail_clear_attachments() Enterprise
mail_clear_bcc() Enterprise
mail_clear_bounce_address() Enterprise
mail_clear_cc() Enterprise
mail_clear_headers() Enterprise
mail_clear_reply_to() Enterprise
mail_clear_to() Enterprise
mail_send() Enterprise
mail_set_bounce_address() Enterprise
mail_set_from() Enterprise
mail_set_html_content() Enterprise
mail_set_subject() Enterprise
mail_set_text_content() Enterprise
maintenance() Enterprise
parse() Enterprise
schedule() Enterprise
set_response_header() Enterprise
to_excel() Enterprise


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