The Structr Messaging-Engine module provides a generic abstraction of a publish and subscribtion model based on topics.

The basic idea is that a MessageClient acts as a Connector to a broker or an abstraction of such and provides the ablity to send messages and to (un)subscribe to topics. Its counterpart is the MessageSubscriber, which relates to MessageClients and is triggered when a message for the subscribed topic is received by the client. During this process the subscriber evaluates a script supplied as one of its attributes and has access to the message’s topic and content in that context.
This allows for flexible and powerful interaction with Structr’s core functionality.

Apart from the basic abstraction of a MessageClient, the module provides different implementations that act as connectors to their respective technology.
As such the module provides a MQTTClient and a KafkaClient as spezialized implementations.

Details on how to setup these entities are found in their respective documentation.

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Last change 2018-03-29