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The Structr Knowledge Graph (SKG) is the central resource base where all information about and around Structr is connected. Besides the official documentation, you will find help articles, FAQ, guides and tutorials and explanatory videos, as well as links to StackOverflow questions, GitHub issues, or discussion threads.

The Knowledge Graph isn’t just another static content sink where information is stored once and then outdates over time. It is designed as a living structure, being updated semi-automatically by the activities in this support system. By using a mixture of manual categorization, natural language processing, and using as much information being extracted from the content origins, it will be the best knowledge source about all things Structr.


About Structr (4)

What is Structr and what is it good for?

Getting Started (19)

Installation, high-level overview and tutorials

Working with Structr (400)

The Structr Manual

FAQ (6)

Answers to frequently asked questions

Advanced Topics (19)

Advanced Structr usage

Resources (7)

Downloads and more information about Structr

Contribute (1)

How to contribute to Structr

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