Structr runs on any platform with Java JDK 8 installed. All you need is contained in a single distribution file.

  1. Download the binary distribution file (-dist.tar.gz) from

  2. Extract the file and enter the created directory (with bin/, lib/ and the .jar file).

  3. Start Structr from this directory with the following command:


  4. Open http://localhost:8082/structr in your web browser.

  5. Login with the default credentials admin/admin.

By default, Structr starts an embedded Neo4j database. To connect to a running Neo4j database, configure Structr to remote mode as described in this article.

Specific Operating Systems

For details on how to run Structr on GNU/Linux, go to this article.

Apple Mac OS X users proceed to the section about Structr on Mac OS X.

Structr can also be installed and run on Microsoft Windows as described here.

Open Source

Structr is Open-Source software and the complete source code is available on GitHub:

Here you can download the repository as one large ZIP file:


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