Installation and Setup


Structr runs on any platform with Java JDK 8 installed. All you need is contained in a single distribution file.

  1. Download the binary distribution file (-dist.tar.gz) from Maven Central (~ 180 MB):


  2. Extract the file and enter the created directory (with bin/, lib/ and the .jar file)

  3. Start Structr from this directory with the following command:


  4. Open http://localhost:8082/structr#pages in your web browser

  5. Login with the default credentials admin/admin

Specific Operating Systems

For details on how to run Structr on GNU/Linux, go to this article.

Apple Mac OS X users proceed to the section about Structr on Mac OS X.

Structr an also be installed and run on Microsoft Windows as described here.

Open Source

Structr is Free and Open-Source software, and the complete source code is available on GitHub:

Here you can download the repository as one large ZIP file:



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