Structr Support Plans


There are four different support levels, starting from free community support up to Gold support for business-critical installations. All support options have in common that you get support directly from the makers of Structr.

Free & Open Bronze (Startup) Silver (Team) Gold (Enterprise)
Annual Subscription Price (free) € 6,000 € 12,000 € 24,000
Availability 10/5 (Central Europe) 10/5 (Central Europe) 24/7
Response time 24 hours 8 hours 2 hours
No. of accounts 1 2 5 10
E-Mail Support yes yes yes
Number of Incident Reports 5 10 20
Phone support yes yes
VPN/SSH Support yes yes
Ticket visibility public private private private
Access to Knowledge Graph Standard (Documentation, FAQ) Standard (Documentation, FAQ) Extended (Documentation, FAQ, Tutorials, Videos) Extended (Documentation, FAQ, Tutorials, Videos)
Tickets and Pricing

As registered user of our support system, you're entitled to create support tickets. Depending on your support level, you have a maximum number of incident reports (5, 10 or 20) we handle with the guaranteed response time.

Of course, you can also just upgrade to a higher support level anytime. The term of your support contract will not be automatically extended, and we'll charge you only the difference between the initial and the new support level for the remaining term.

Availability and Response Times

As a Gold support customer, you can contact us anytime, either by e-mail, opening a ticket or by phone. We'll give our best to help you immediately, at least we'll respond to your request within two hours with a first assessment of the situation.

All Silver and Bronze customers can open tickets or send us e-mails anytime, our response time is within the typical business ours in Central Europe (8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Berlin timezone). Silver customers can reach us by phone during the named period.

To anyone using the Free & Open support model, we can't promise any response times or when and how we'll respond.

Knowledge Graph

The Structr Knowledge Graph is the central resource base where all information about and around Structr are connected. Besides the official manual, you will find Getting Started articles, FAQ, guides and tutorials, as well as links to external resources like StackOverflow questions, GitHub issues, or discussion threads.

The Knowledge Graph isn’t just another static content platform where information is stored once and then outdates over time. It is designed and built as a living structure, being updated not only by the Structr team but also semi-automatically by user activities in the support system. By using a mixture of manual categorization and natural language processing, information is being extracted from the content origins to update and extend the graph.